Mei Happs

Computer Science Student.

Personal Profile

I am a motivated and dedicated first-year Computer Science student at the University of Sussex. With a strong foundation in Python 3, Java, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, I possess a solid understanding of programming languages and web technologies. My interests lie in the fields of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, demonstrating a curiosity for cutting-edge technologies and their implications on digital security.


3 A-Levels, 9 GCSEs


A Computer Science

B Mathematics

C Further Mathematics


2023 Sussex Uni Coders Cup: I showcased my programming skills by securing the 3rd place finalist position in the Sussex Uni Coders Cup.

2019 Senior Maths Challenge: I achieved a gold award in the Senior Maths Challenge, reflecting my strong mathematical abilities.

2018 Intermediate Maths Challenge: My exceptional performance earned me a gold award in the Intermediate Maths Challenge.

2017 Cyber Discovery Program: I reached the penultimate stage of the Cyber Discovery Program and obtained an impressive exam score of 78%.


2017 I gained valuable work experience at the Bognor Regis Library, where I excelled in sorting bookshelves and performing administration tasks.

2018 I volunteered at Bognor Regis Library for the Summer Reading Challenge. I actively engaged with children, discussing their reading preferences and recommending books, aiming to foster a love for reading and encourage their continued engagement with literature.

2019 I demonstrated my organizational and programming skills by compiling a comprehensive spreadsheet of contact details of local businesses for The Novium Museum. I automated the process using Python and the Google Places API, streamlining the data collection process.

2021 I worked at McDonald’s, handling various responsibilities. I cooked muffins during breakfast hours and efficiently managed the preparation of chicken, fish, sides, and apple pies during other shifts.


In addition to my academic pursuits, I enjoy engaging in extracurricular activities related to my field of study. One of my notable hobbies includes participating in weekly LeetCode sessions with fellow Computer Science students at the University of Sussex. These collaborative coding sessions allow me to enhance my problem-solving skills, explore new algorithms and data structures, and strengthen my programming abilities. By actively participating in these sessions, I demonstrate my dedication to continuous learning and my commitment to staying updated with the latest developments in the field of computer science.

I also have a keen interest in exploring the world of virtual hacking through the game Bitburner. As an avid player of Bitburner, I find enjoyment and challenges in the simulated hacking environment, honing my problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. By navigating complex networks, exploiting vulnerabilities, and optimizing my hacking techniques within the game, I cultivate a deeper understanding of cybersecurity concepts and practices. My enthusiasm for Bitburner showcases my passion for cybersecurity beyond the academic realm, as I actively seek out opportunities to apply my knowledge and skills in a dynamic and immersive gaming environment.